Monday, 12 June 2017

The CES compounds its problems...

It is now about four weeks since I submitted a query to Paul Barber of the CES via their website. I got a note to say that my enquiry had been successfully submitted, and would be processed as soon as possible.

And since then, nothing. I gather the same is true for others who have approached them.

I was vaguely hoping (though scarcely expecting) that there might be a reply awaiting me on my return from Chartres. But no.

So it seems that the strategy is to lie low and say nothing.

Given the seriousness of the questions raised about the CES Scandal, that is really not good enough. In fact, I suggest, they are digging themselves into a deeper hole.

As I have mentioned before, the Nolan principles are appropriate standards for such a body; and they include accountability, openness and honesty.  These are not best demonstrated by refraining from answering queries.

If you have contacted the CES, I suggest that you do so again: they should know that we are not going to go away. If you have not contacted the CES yet (and assuming you agree that pushing lgbt propaganda into Catholic schools is not a good thing for the CES to be doing) I suggest that you do so.

Write courteously, of course, but do ask questions that demand answers.

Should they still not reply, I think we may need to go higher up the chain, and take this up (along with all the other issues) with their management committee, which is chaired by ++McMahon.

Incidentally, ++McMahon does answer letters it seems; or to be more accurate replies to them.  I have seen two replies from his office. One, from a secretary, was of the classic 'your remarks noted with interest' variety. I have had cause to comment on this particular type of letter previously: my post on the subject concluded: 
Are these people taught that this is the way to (fail to) answer questions they don't want to answer?  Is there a handbook somewhere for dealing with cheeky proles like me who ask impertinent questions?  I think we should be told (but of course, if I asked, I would be told: Thank you for your question, which I have noted.)
The other letter, from ++McMahon himself, which I have seen said, in effect, that Made In God's Image is Catholic because it says it is in the introduction. 

Neither of these efforts answered, or sought to answer, the problems raised by the correspondents. If you have received such  a reply, I suggest that you write again, courteously as ever, and point out that you would like answers to some specific questions.

We should persist, like the importunate widow, in the hope that we may get somewhere, and in the knowledge that failing to do so is in effect colluding with the miseducation, in a crucial issue, of many children.

For all the necessary contact details, see here.

And keep the prayers going up.

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