Friday, 1 July 2016

A Better Way

In my last post, I highlighted the evils of the BPAS's pushing of abortion. Today, I am delighted to highlight the alternatives.

Life has just launched its new website, following its successful re-launch event, Ignite, last weekend. The site is modern and user-friendly. More importantly, it offers a range of responses to the evil of abortion.

Life is now organised into two main divisions: Pregnancy Matters and Life Matters. Pregnancy Matters offers support of many types,  for women in many different situations. This ranges from pregnancy information and advice, through counselling for women who are pregnant unexpectedly, support for pregnant women who are homeless, post-abortion support, and so on.  Life Matters is the home of the educational and campaigning work: school and university talks, research, campaigns and media work.

On top of all that, there is Life FertilityCare, offering alternatives to IVF, and the Zoë's Place network of hospices, offering respite, palliative and end-of-life care to babies and children.

So go over to Life's new website, and familiarise yourself with their new approach and the wide range of work they do in support of women and children - you never know when you may need to tell someone about it.

And then consider what you are doing for the unborn - and what more you should be doing.


Part-time Pilgrim said...

Ben, in the past you have had reservations about Life's non-directive counselling, reservations I share. Does their new approach reassure you and if so, how?

Ben Trovato said...

That is a complex issue. See the comment after an article in the Catholic Medical Quarterly (

Several attempts were made by the author to discuss the nature of the article with LIFE prior to publication without success as LIFE was busy with other obligations at that time.

The editor has had a discussion with LIFE and it is clear that the organization does not adhere to strict Rogerian principles.

Along with other excellent pro-life organizations, LIFE deserves our gratitude and support.

Which raises the question, what does (or did - see below) Life mean by non-directional counselling? A strong defence of Life's use of it was published in Life News, issue 52.

However, Life is currently reviewing this, in discussion with the author of the CMQ article.

So what reassures me is that Life are looking seriously at this, and I am sure will find a way forward that is wholly congruent with their pro-life philosophy. I have confidence in the leadership and direction offered by Stephen Sharpe, the (relatively) new CEO, who has the full support of Jack Scarisbrick, Life's founder, in ensuring Life is fully aligned with its original purpose, and appropriately modernised to be effective in the 21st century.