Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Madeline Bassett Moment?...

I was out walking under a beautiful starry sky the other night, saying the Joyful Mysteries.  It occurred to me that the stars, which proclaimed Our Lord’s Nativity, could in fact have been created specifically for that purpose.  Indeed, I saw them asa a firework display, put on by the Father for the birth of His Son, and graciously extended through time, both before and since, so that we could all enjoy the experience.

But then another thought occurred to me: were they not a crown, created for Our Lady, which she will wear for all eternity?

A difficult dilemma, you will agree.

But then I remembered, such either/or thinking is not the Catholic way.  Why should not the Father at once create a firework display for His Son’s birth, and in that same creative act, make it simultaneously a crown for His Son’s mother?

So that was all right then.

And if you don’t know who Madeline Bassett is or why she’s relevant, you had better read Right Ho, Jeeves, before you dare trespass on my blog again!

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