Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dominique's confirmation

The confirmation yesterday went very well. Unfortunately Bishop Hopes was ill, but we were blessed that newly consecrated Bishop Sherrington agreed to step in at the last minute.

Ant and Bernie had both escaped from their respective Universities for the day, and we had travelled down to London early that morning (up at 5.00...) and had walked to St James' via various pleasant London Squares and Oxford Street, as the girls had some shopping to do...

A countercultural aunt joined us for the confirmation, and the reception and lunch afterwards.

The confirmation itself was accompanied by some lovely music, and followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, with Frs Southwell and Finigan (who has some pictures on his blog) joining the bishop.

As last time, I was disappointed in the demeanour and behaviour of some of the congregation. Many chatted vivaciously in the Church before the ceremonies began, even while others were on their knees praying; many entered and left pews, and crossed the central aisle, with no genuflection to the Blessed Sacrament. Some stood all the way through Benediction. And immediately afterwards, many were chatting vivaciously again in the Church - despite the fact that we had the hall available for our reception and socialising. One expects a degree of reverence at LMS organised events; whilst there were many behaving appropriately, it was disappointing and distracting that so many were not.

After a pizza, we spent a pleasant few hours wandering round London seeing the sights: St James' Palace, Buckingham Palace, the park, Trafalgar Square, and then a half hour or so in the National Gallery, before heading back to the station. By the time we were on the train we were all pretty tired, so the trip home was somewhat quieter than the trip down.

But a great day, particularly with the reception of a sacrament by Dominique; and that's our last confirmation till the grandchildren start to arrive...

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