Friday, 11 November 2011

A Big Day...

Tomorrow is a big day: we're off to London for Dominique's Confirmation (Bishop Alan Hopes, St James's Spanish Place, traditional rite).

It doesn't seem two years since Charlie's confirmation, though on reflection a lot has changed. We now have two daughters joining us from their respective universities for the day, for example.

But some things never change: the booklet produced by the LMS (at least the one sent in advance) is as makeshift as ever: I rather hope they'll pull something rather more worthy out of the bag tomorrow.

And of course the important stuff doesn't change. The rite itself will be almost identical, kicking off with the Veni Creator Spiritus, the initial prayers, the Confirmation itself (complete with the blow to the cheek) the Veni Sancte Spiritus, and so on. Different bishop, and different sermon, I dare say, but the rest will be the same as it was for Charlie, Bernie, Ant, my parents, and generations who preceded them...

Remember all those being confirmed in your prayers, and also Bishop Hopes, to whom we are all most grateful.

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