Saturday, 20 August 2011

Normalising Paedophilia

One of the (many) arguments I have deployed against 'Gay Marriage' has been the philosophical problem inherent in re-defining marriage to include same sex couples. Because if one does that, why stop there? If marriage is no longer about procreation as a key element, why not allow polygamy, paedophilia and so on.

People regularly dismiss this argument, as they are illegal. But so was homosexual behaviour until recently.

Moreover, there are serious attempts being made to 'normalise' paedophilia. The first step, as with homosexuality, is to get it removed from the category of 'disorder' so that it becomes simply a 'minority' issue. Then it can claim the victim status, tolerance and so on that minorities demand - just as the gay lobby has done.

That is already underway, as the programme of this conference reveals.

H\t Lifesite News.


Zoompad said...

Th e paedoscum take great pains to hound and torment adult survivors of child abuse who have the nerve to talk about their horrible experiences at the hands of their abusers. They go onto abuse survivors blogs and YouTube channels and ridicule them, making free and constant use of the words "nutter" and "you need help". I hate paedophiles, I have had a gutful of them tormenting me. If paedophilia is legalised and hating paedophiles becomes a so called "hete crime" I will probably end up in jail, unlike any of the vermin who abused me as a child or an adult, because I cant feel anything but loathing and disgust for those selfish depraved creatures.

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks for your comments. It sounds as though you have had a truly terrible time...