Saturday, 2 April 2011

Twisting Language

In the Catholic Herald comments boxes, you come across some interesting new ways of using language:

Ultra-Catholic - someone who believes what the Gospels and the Church teach; [applied to others]

Committed Catholic - someone who disbelieves what the Gospels and Church teach, but believes in a God of love; [applied by the person writing to himself or herself.]

So when you read about 'committed Catholics' who disagree with the Church on (say) abortion or contraception, bear in mind that self-identifying 'committed Catholics' may also disagree with the Church on everything else (including, in the case of the person so self-describing in the Herald com box) the resurrection and ascension of Our Lord, Heaven, Hell, and so on...

My comment that to call oneself a committed Catholic in that case was a little disingenuous was met with howls of outraged protest at how I was passing judgement...

There seems to be little point talking to these people - one can only pray for them.

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