Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mons. Curry should resign from Vaughan Governors

I do not generally like to rush to judgement on priests and bishops (and when I do like to, I try to restrain myself...).

Moreover, I was not present at the vigil outside the Vaughan, when it is reported that Mons Curry appeared to behave in an aggressive way verging on assault towards the acting Head (Damian Thompson carries the story here)

It is within the bounds of possibility that Mons. Curry did nothing at all wrong and that what was witnessed was completely misinterpreted by the 300 or so who saw the drama unfold; in fairness, they would not have been inclined to place the most favourable interpretation on anything that Mons. Curry did or said! Perhaps they saw a rehearsal for a school assembly on bullying, for example.

Nonetheless, I believe that Mons. Curry should resign from the Governing Body of the Vaughan, even if (or indeed particularly if) he is wholly misunderstood and entirely innocent of any misjudgement etc.

The reason is that his role there is now untenable. The Vaughan parents and pupils will never be able to accept him given this latest turn of events. Once one is in a role that it becomes impossible to fullfil competently, one has an obligation to step down; particularly if one has done nothing wrong. Why particularly then? Because that is when one's boss will find it hardest (and possibly illegal) to ask one to do so. But if your intention is to achieve the goals of your role, and your presence in that role becomes an obstacle to them being achieved, then resignation is the honourable option.

There was a time when politicians understood this: they no longer do. Let us hope that Mons. Curry does.

Pray for him and all involved in the Vaughan - not least the Archbishop - that they may be always truly wise and ever rejoice in the consolation of the Holy Spirit.

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