Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The New Morality...

Of course David Laws is an honourable man, as all the politicos are quick to point out. He was quite right to...

- move in with his male lover (after all homosexual relationships are legal, so they must by right, according to the new morality)

- live a duplicitous life, deceiving his parents and others about the nature of his relationship with his male lover

- seek public office while living a duplicitous private life

- claim thousands of pounds of public money to pay to his male lover in rent (a rent boy?) before it was, technically, against the rules to do so (because if it's not against the rules, it must be right, right?)

- continue to claim thousands of pounds of public money to pay his male lover once it was clearly and explicitly against the rules to do so - because it was only to protect his privacy... (nothing to do with the money at all...)

- resign promptly in the hope of quick rehabilitation and return to high office (which must be right, as it's almost certain to happen - the manoeuvring has already begun).

And Cameron and Clegg know they have to say he's honourable, because they don't know how many more such scandals will emerge from their parties. It's in nobody's interests to suggest that Laws may be a dishonest fool who does not deserve a penny more from public funds.

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