Monday, 21 June 2010

Bernie to meet the Pope!

Bernadette, our second daughter, has been chosen by the Parish as one of those to go on the diocesan trip to London to meet the Holy Father when he meets the Youth of England in London.

She is rightly excited and looking forward to seeing His Holiness.

Perhaps 'been chosen' is a bit overstating it - there were three places available (as some parishes nearby can't find a single youth to send) and only 3 people of the right age who attend Mass with any regularity...

That in itself is something of a scandal.


sanabituranima said...

Sad that only three young people wanted to go, but I really hope Bernie enjoys it. :D:D

Pastor in Valle said...

Congratulations to your daughter!
Like so much else about this visit, this was badly handled. We were informed of our one-young-person (16-20) quota with only a few days notice. During those few days,
Our 16 year olds were doing GCSEs
Our 17 year olds were doing AS levels
Our 18 year olds were doing A levels.
All these couldn't think about papal visits in short order.
Our 19 & 20 year olds were at University, and could not be contacted in a hurry.
Finally we did manage to persuade a lad who had finished his exams a day or two before, and was delighted to be asked to go, as all the others would have been had the thing been thought through more efficiently.
Great blog, thanks.

Pastor in Valle said...

I should have added that the lad who is going is 15, but will be 16 by the time of the visit.