Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What we're up to...

Things have moved on since I last posted about the kids.

Ant is now at University and managing both to enjoy herself more than I did and to get good grades (which I never did). Seems to have made a good bunch of friends, too.

Bernie is in the 6th form: everything she likes about school (subjects she enjoys, friends etc) without the bits she disliked (uniforms, dud teachers, subjects she disliked etc). and currently working for grade 7 (piano) and 8 (flute).

Charlie is just choosing his GCSE options and has just taken a second prize in the local music festival on the piano.

Dominique has learned that she has a place at the (good) school the others all went to - and also took second prize on the piano (in a different class) in the music festival with the exact same mark as Charlie.


Athanasius said...

I echo what wsxwhx697 said!!!

Seriously, your kids sound very talented, I'm sure you are very proud! Congratulations!

Ben Trovato said...


"I echo what wsxwhx697 said!!!" I suspect you would not have done so had you clicked any of the dots he left and found where they linked to... I have therefore removed the post.

My kids may be talented (though it's mainly application...) and I'm certainly proud, but the two facts are not necessarily related!...