Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sex Education - what’s it really about?

This is the question that is rarely asked. But it should be, because in the answer to it lies the unease (to say the least) many of us feel about the government's dictatorial approach to the subject.

What it is not about is fairly easy to see: it is not about teaching kids how to have babies. Oddly enough, humans are pretty good at that. Nor is it about teaching kids the context within which sex is healthy, life affirming, life giving and ever more joyful: that is in a lifelong marriage, open to chiildren.

So what is it about? Looking at what it entails, as currently practiced, only one sensible conclusion can be reached: it is about normalising promiscuity and deviance (because we must take a non-judgemental approach), and trying (ineffectively) to limit the damage caused thereby.

That is why the collusion of the CES (an official agency of the Catholic Church, which knows the truth about human love and sexuality) with the government on this issue is such a scandal; and it is why all parents should take seriously their responsibility to educate their children properly in this field and remove them form the line of fire if necessary - whether or not they are 'allowed' to do so.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Thanks for this post..

Simon Platt said...

I quite agree.

And for catholic parents not to have catholic schools on their side really is a disgrace.

Patricius said...

There is surely an obvious irony in the government's pushing of "sex education" while maintaining ignorance of the political process. Children are being prematurely indoctrinated with adult concerns in sexuality while being permanently infantilised in political matters.