Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Busy Weekend

Where does the time go? On Saturday, the kids had various activities on: Bernie and a friend went busking in town, despite bitterly cold wind. Charlie had gone into town with a friend to see a movie. Ant was feeling a bit down: she'd just finished her last A level paper the day before and was probably exhausted, But she made a real effort for the day and made paper boats with Dominique. This was practicing for a Brownie event she is helping to run son. So after lunch we went down to a local stream (with Goldie our dog of course) to try them out.

In the evening we went to the local schools' combined show. Each school had ten minutes to put on some kind of production: mainly extracts form their Christmas shows (they hadn't had much warning of the event) but also some dance and music. the standard was much higher than I'd been expecting: though Charlie was annoyed that her school's performance wasn't faultless...

And on Sunday we went for a picnic in the hills. Minus three, plus a wind chill factor of at least minus 6. We were warned it was the equivalent of minus 18 on the tops so we didn't go too high: climbed up very icy rocks by a stream to a mountain lake and then walked on the contour for a mile or so before making our way down. And then Mass in a tiny chapel in the hills in the afternoon.

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