Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Easter Holidays

The holidays are here so we are very busy. We have taken our boats down to the sailing club and the kids have had their first sail of the year (Ant has been counting down the days till the start of the season for some weeks). Our wooden Mirror is still at home as it needs some repairs, so we'll try to get to that.

The treehouse progresses: photos to follow. We've been out for a few walks with Goldie (and are off again today for a good walk). We've started digging the garden and put some clematis in near the front door, where there was an empty patch.

I've also started teaching the kids to sing the Regina Caeli - a polyphonic setting by Aichinger ((1564 - 1628): Charlie and Dom sing the soprano line, Bernie the alto, and Ant the tenor; I sing Bass. The little ones are always a bit reluctant to practice, but now they've learned some of it, they are really enjoying it. I hope to have it ready for Easter day.

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