Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter fun

As well as the liturgical aspects already referred to, we have had a lot of family fun at Easter.

The day started with a candle-lit breakfast and the giving of Easter eggs (only one for each kid - but see later...). The table was decorated with an Easter tree hung with eggs decorated by the kids, as well as a profusion of daffodils.

After that we had an easter egg hunt in the garden: I had hidden mini-eggs all over the place: wedged in craccks in trees, in the flower beds, in various dens and tree houses, in cracks in the walls etc. This is an eagerly-awaited anual tradition!

We then took Anna's mum out for a trip and picnic - the first of the year featuring chocolate, as the kids have been off it for Lent.

Back home, Bernie and I went out on our bikes with Goldie, while the other kids played in the garden; Anna did some gardening, while her mum, who had come home with us made a cup of tea. Then we had an Easter bonfire, with toasted marshmallows.

Lamb for supper (of course) and a delicious Easter cake, made and decorated by Ant.

After supper we performed Aichinger's Regina Caeli (for part polyphony: Charlie and Dom Soprano, Dernie Alto, Ant Tenor and me Bass) which only left Anna and her mum as an audience - they were very appreciative, though Goldie was not. She's not a very musical puppy...

After washing up and evening prauers, the llittle ones went to bed, and Ant and Bernie watched part of a film on DVD as an Easter treat.

Oddly enough, in this counter-cultural family, that is classed as an extremely enjoyable day.

Shame about the Boat Race on Saturday, but I'm getting over it.

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