Monday, 10 July 2017

Sick Sex

One of the aspects I did not mention in my recent post about changing attitudes to sex was health. Clearly the 200,000 abortions a year which (inter alia) pay Ann Furedi's salary cost the cash-strapped NHS a vast sum, which could otherwise be spent on... well, health care, perhaps.

But this is about much more than that. We have created a society in which large numbers, including the young, have a range of diseases that result from promiscuity.  And then there are the emotional and psychological effects of a casual attitude to sex: particularly when one party has a casual attitude, and the other thinks something meaningful is underway...

Fundamental to this is the notion of 'protected' sex. Here's a hint: if you need protection from the person you love, you are probably not, as a couple, doing love right.

And here's another hint: you can love someone without having sex with them. And perhaps that's the biggest lie of all, in our current culture, the assumption that sex is essential either to an individual or to a relationship. Christians should know better: the Holy Family is a great witness.  But the West has been living off our Christian heritage, and it is being rapidly dismantled. 

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Rita said...

Dear BT,
I still think it is the fault of the Puritans and their atttutude to sex was something that was holy in itself, mandatory and very much geared towards the man's pleasure and rights. Catholic notions of freedom, sacrifice and self-giving have not recovered because we seem prudish and anti-sex. Far from it, we are just anti bad-sex, and it needs confident souls like ourselves who are not frightened to get this message out..... even through resorting to blatant "click bait" in the title of their blogposts. ;-)