Monday, 9 May 2016

Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

Yesterday we had the privilege of welcoming our bishop, +Michael Campbell, at the start of the Extraordinary Form Mass. By welcome, of course, I mean we sang Ecce Sacerdos Magnus.

He was there on a parish visitation, and gave us a brief address before Mass. In it he spoke very simply and movingly about the importance of our attachment to the traditional liturgy of the Church; about its particular power, including the power of chant, to turn one's heart and mind to God. And he exhorted us to continue to worship in this way, not worried by the small numbers who attend this Mass.

Naturally, priest and people are heartened by his understanding and support. Ad multos annos!

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David O'Neill said...

How absolutely fortunate you are to have such a wonderful diocesan bishop who is prepared to understand the reasons for your love of the EF Mass rather than just (as some do) allowing it under sufferance. Any bishop worth his salt should not only welcome the EF but should be able to celebrate it for thos congregations adhering to it.