Thursday, 10 March 2016

Cardinal Pell

I have known Fr Mark Withoos for many years, not least in his capacity as Chaplain to the English-speaking Youth Chapter on the Chartres pilgrimage.  He is an Australian, but I don't hold that against him...

He is, in fact a fine man and a fine priest. He is also the private secretary to Cardinal Pell, the cardinal charged with cleaning up the Vatican finances, and also the subject of a vicious media hate campaign, trying to smear him in the wake of the sex abuse scandals in Australia. 

In fact, Cardinal Pell was one of the first to put in place a proper investigation, and a proper process, to address these issues. 

Fr Withoos sent me the link to an interview with Cardinal Pell, saying: 'it gives a real insight into the Cardinal we know. Please make sure it is spread far and wide.'

Here is the link. 

Please watch it, and please remember Cardinal Pell, and the victims of this terrible abuse, in your prayers.

If you are truly charitable, pray, too, for the perpetrators and all others implicated.


polycarped said...

I watched this a couple of days ago and have been praying for him and the cross he is bearing. And for the victims too. It is long but very much worth the time invested.

umblepie said...

Thanks for this post. God bless Cardinal Pell, a good and courageous
priest. An excellent video - essential viewing.