Saturday, 24 October 2015

First reflections on the Synod

It is too early to reflect on the outcome of the Synod. I need time to read the Holy Father's closing speech again, and the final report in full, and to reflect on all that, and already people on both sides are spinning like crazy...

But what I can reflect on, is what did not happen, for good or ill.

It has been noted by a number of commentators that very little was said about children, and that some of the key challenges facing parents were hardly mentioned (one thinks of pornography, and the ubiquitous contraceptive mentality).

It is clear that there has been no explicit change of doctrine - indeed how could there be? But also that there has been little explicit reaffirmation of doctrine.

Indeed, clarity is another thing one may think was missing (pending a thorough reading of the final report).

So my tentative, initial, conclusion is that the Synod was a wasted opportunity; beyond that, we must wait a little longer before we reach a verdict. 

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Sitsio said...

Totally agree. A shocking waste of time and effort. All it can possibly achieve is a further weakening of doctrine, as those bent on undermining the dogmatic principles of objectivity force relativism into the pseudo-democratic negotiations.