Saturday, 1 August 2015

Child Abuse

One of Anna's friends told her yesterday of a dreadful incident. Her five year old daughter had just had her bath and her husband picked up the towel to dry her. At which point the girl said: "You mustn't touch me!"

It transpired the girl had had a sex education lesson at school...

Anna's friend was furious and told the school so, withdrawing her from all future lessons on the topic: but some harm is already done to this child - and to countless others.

Doubtless there are children whose fathers cannot be trusted: but to plant such ideas of mistrust of their families in the hearts of five year olds is to rob them of their innocence. This particular child is one of those who ask 'why?' about everything - so who knows what she was told.

The school concerned is well known to be a 'good Catholic' school.

Sancta Maria purissima: Ora pro nobis.

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