Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Reasons I Oppose the Kasperite Adultery Proposals

There are many reasons I am profoundly opposed to the proposals to allow 'the divorced and civilly remarried' to be invited to receive Holy Communion whilst living in a public state of mortal sin.

Here are a few. I had intended to write a brief paragraph about each of them, but on reflection, I think that they are pretty self explanatory.

Our Lord's word

Constant Tradition of the Church

Bad for them

Bad for abandoned spouse

Bad for abandoned children

Bad for new partner

Bad for children of new relationship

Bad for other Couples

Bad for other Catholics

Bad for non-Catholics

Bad for the Church

Bad for Evangelisation

Bad for Successive Generations

Dishonest Content of Proposals

Dishonest Process

Bad Precedent: Embeds False Ideas in Praxis

Driven by the World, the Flesh and the Devil...


See also: The Mythology of Re-Marriage

and: Underestimating the Love and Compassion of God 

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