Thursday 9 April 2015


Having modestly claimed the credit for myself and Mark Lambert yesterday, a more sober reflection is that the number of signatories on the letter was the result of the efforts of a great many people, to whom thanks is due.

In the first place are the many bloggers who kindly published the blog post at or near midday on Palm Sunday.  It was very heartening to see things like this:

In all I am aware of 31 blogs that carried the post. The full list of honour is here (and let me know of any that I have missed):

So thanks to all of the bloggers who carried this.

Secondly, thanks to all those who signed, including any who tried to sign and were baffled by the technology (I forgot that people needed a Google account to add comments to my blog until quite late in the process, when I turned that requirement off). And particular thanks to those who urged others to sign, cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter, and so on. Apologies, too, to anyone whose signature did not appear when they expected it to. The process was doubtless flawed.

And finally thanks to Madeleine Teahan at the Catholic Herald for carrying the original story about the priests' letter, and also for her positive presentation of this story.

This is only the start...

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Eccles said...

Meanwhile, don't worry too much about those cries of rage that you hear emanating from Ecclestone Square.