Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fry's Own Goal on Uganda

A priest I know has written to me about my recent posts on the lamentable Stephen Fry.


Dear Mr Trovato,

I have just read your latest posting on Mr Fry.

I did not see the infamous debate - but from what you write, his little burst of outrage was so predictable and quite inaccurate.

I have a confession to make. 

After my A Levels in 1969 I went to Uganda & taught there for two years before returning to the UK in 1971 to go to Uni (& read Maths & Physics there). 

Since 1971 I have tended to hoover up any news about Uganda.

And Fry's point number (7) about Uganda & AIDS is a real own goal. 

Uganda is an outstanding example of how the scourge of Aids has been much reduced by abstinence outside marriage and faithfulness within marriage - and NOT by the use of condoms.

See "Fighting AIDS with Abstinence"

Sister Dr Miriam Duggan FMSA is a gynacologist who worked as a missionary doctor for over 30 years.

In 2005 she wrote: "The President (of Uganda) has always promoted abstinence and faithfulness".

"The use of condoms is not the ultimate solution in the fight against HIV/AIDS", said President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at an AIDS conference in Thailand. He caused much controversy when he said the best ways to stop the spread of AIDS are abstinence and faithfulness in marriage.

"President Musevani's emphasis in combatting AIDS has been to address the behaviours and practices that lead to its spread. Programs have been set up and operated involving both the Church and the State. These focus on combatting peer pressure to be promiscuous, advising young people to abstain and encouraging the older to be faithful in marriage. The problems of alcohol and drug abuse are also addressed.

"Faith also plays a large part. "I believe that through the power of prayer, through praying with them, the addictions of these people can be broken, so we encourage them to pray when they feel their temptations", says Sr Miriam. Religious affiliation is not a factor here, since all faiths uphold that marriage is sacred and sex outside of marriage is wrong."

See too Sr Miriam Duggan: Combatting the spread of AIDS in Culture of Life – Culture of Death: Luke Gormally (ed.)   ISBN: 0-906561-24-9 

For details of this book see the Anscombe Bioethics Centre website

God bless you & your family,


I think further comment would be superfluous.

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Eccles said...

Superfluous or not, this is the definitive study of how AIDS is less in Catholic countries in Africa.