Sunday 24 August 2014

Kudos to our bishop!

What with one thing (a daughter's wedding) and another (a camping holiday) I haven't had a lot of time to blog recently.

However, I did want to highlight this note, on our parish newsletter last week, from our excellent Bishop + Campbell.

When Mass cannot be said through the week
Bishop Michael has informed all parishes in the diocese that on those occasions when priest (sic) is not able to say weekday Mass the parishioners should gather to celebrate either Morning or Evening Prayer (Matins or Lauds). These are the form of prayer for the parish when there is no priest available, not Eucharistic Services with the distribution of Holy Communion.

I welcome this for many reasons. I hope this is something that the CBCEW has agreed and that similar instructions will be issued in other dioceses. If it is not, then particular kudos to +Campbell for taking a personal lead in the diocese for which he is responsible.


Jonathan Marshall said...

Well done +Campbell!

When (and how) did these so-called "Eucharistic Services" come to be? I've never encountered one (DG) and would avoid them like the plague!

Fr Tim Finigan's recent article in 'Faith' regarding 'routine communions' is very well worth reading in this context.

Delia said...

First bit of heartening news in a long time!