Friday, 7 March 2014

Learning Liturgical Latin: Resources

As my loyal reader will remember, I posted a series of posts on learning Liturgical Latin a while back. They start here, and the rest (19 in all) can be found by following the tag 'Latin Class.'

However, since then, I have come across a number of other resources online that may be of interest. So in this post, I give a selection of links which will help anyone striving to learn Latin for the Liturgy.

For a dictionary, there is  Lewis and Short, which is excellent.

Then there is the Vulgate (St Jerome's masterly Latin translation of the Bible, used by the Church in the West for centuries as the authoritative and liturgical text for Holy Scripture).  This is online, with parallel English translation here

For the Mass in the Traditional Form, there is this which is very beautifully laid out, for the Ordinary of the Mass.  For the Propers (and a less decorated, but in some easy more helpful version of the Ordinary) this is excellent.

For Mass in the New Rite, I have yet to see a parallel Latin and (corrected) English translation of the Ordinary online: I am sure that there is one out there, so if a kind reader could point it out, I would be grateful.

For the Lectionary of the New Rite, there is this (US version, but for the purposes of learning Latin, should be OK: I haven't read it.) 

For the Divine Office, this seems a very comprehensive site.

If anyone knows of any other useful online resources for the learning of Liturgical Latin, I'd be very grateful.


Patricius said...

This might be helpful

Delia said...

Not liturgical Latin, but there is a nice couple of Latin courses on the National Archives website: Covers all the basic grammar for beginners, and is quite fun to do. The caveat, of course, is that it is Medieval Latin, so some of the case endings are a little different. Nevertheless, worth a look.