Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Family Holiday

Anna, the redoubtable Mrs T., had found an isolated cottage, on the coast path near Strumble Head, in Pembrokeshire; and all the kids had arranged their summer jobs and other activities to make sure we could all be together for our family holiday.

A path on Strumble Head

 The cottage was not only remote, it also had no electricity, let alone internet, so we had a very peaceful week: the whole family together, enjoying each other's company with no distractions.

 A remote cottage...

So we walked the coast path, swam with the seals, visited St David's, which boasts a fantastic Cathedral and fascinating remains of the Bishop's Palace, and the extraordinary iron age burial chamber at Pentre Ifan (which looked remarkably like the cottage, above) surfed, explored caves in sea kayaks, walked more of the coast path, sketched and painted... and in the evenings, we played music (the cottage had a honky tonk piano, and the kids had taken various instruments) and sang, and read, and did jigsaws; all by candle light (plus a few paraffin lamps).

On Friday night we treated ourselves to fish and chips, which we ate on the cliffs above Porthgain, as we watched the sun set.

A stock photo of Sunset from Porthgain (ours was more stunning, but the kids have the camera)

I wouldn't particularly recommend the Sunday Mass in Fishguard. The best bit was having the Kyrie in Greek); the music was lamentable and the sermon extraordinary: the priest appeared angry, and seemed to be saying we are saved by Faith alone; and that the Church now is in a much better state in every way than it was in the 'good old days,' which he remembered well, being 70. And we had EP2.

Other than that, it was a great week: the pace of life relaxed, and there was plenty of time for each other - and much merriment as a result.

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Richard Collins said...

Aaah, have to travel to Swansea to attend a decent Mass, Ben. I hope you enjoyed your Pembrokeshire experience (and The Shed).