Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Same Sex "Marriage"

Today is a very thought provoking day. The Same Sex Marriage Bill has been given Royal Assent and is now the Same Sex Marriage Act.

I worry about this for many reasons.

One is, as I have blogged previously, that this is one step further along a path to the destruction of marriage and family life, which we should not be taking.

A second is that it represents a worrying precedent politically.  This was not handled well in terms of democratic process; the political purpose seems to have been an attempt to de-toxify the Tory brand; the quality of the debate was lamentable and frequently dishonest; the outcome leaves many important issues unaddressed. That is poor government by any standard.

A third is the intrinsic dishonesty of the whole process. Purportedly about equality, the Act delivers nothing of the sort: homosexual 'marriage' is (necessarily) treated differently in law from marriage.

But I have other, longer term worries. I see two equal and opposite dangers which society now faces.

On the one hand, many people clearly believe the propaganda (and thus, inadvertently perhaps, swallow the accompanying philosophy) about 'equal marriage.'  That will increase the likelihood of more people getting sucked into the gay lifestyle.  It will erode a correct understanding of marriage, and therefore anybody's chances of being able to contract one.  It will further weaken family life and result in a higher number of damaged children and dysfunctional relationships. It will encourage some to push further for 'liberal' reforms to the laws that are designed to protect the vulnerable: reduction in the age of consent, de-stigmatisation of other types of irregular relationship, including polyamorous and incestuous, and so on.  It will also encourage those who wish to impose approval to take further steps against those who hold to a traditional understanding of marriage.  We will very shortly see Churches being prosecuted for not allowing people to hire Church Halls for 'Gay Weddings' and so on, in an attempt to suppress all opposition.

On the other hand, I think there is another danger, and one which perhaps people like me need to pay most heed to. That is that at some stage, in the face of all this, normal people will revolt, suddenly, viscerally and potentially violently against the fundamental lies and depravity, and homosexuals will again be viciously persecuted.  That is why I think anyone who overstates the case against the gay political agenda is profoundly misguided.


Mark Lambert said...

Excellent points well made Ben. I think one of the biggest concerns I have, having investigated the consequences for schools, is that this will result in the promotion of homosexual lifestyle in a way that will encourage more people to 'try' it and lead them into a world of sexual depravity and sin.

Webmaster Gareth said...

We should also ask how such an atrocity could get "royal assent". The Queen is supposed to be a Christian - albeit a heretic - and the head of her own 500 year old church.

What a joke. Under her watch 7 million innocent babies have been slaughtered in the womb. And we wonder why there is no respect for life in wider society.

This Act is another nail in the coffin of marriage and family life. Look at the damage divorce has done to communities...

Another mad "60s" experiment gone out of control!

The pink lobby will push for a reduction in the age of consent next so 14 year olds can be targeted.