Friday 14 June 2013

My Genius Daughter

Ant has just finished her degree. She signed up for a Bachelor's Maths degree, but they suggested she should do an accelerated Master's in the same time, as her results were really rather good.

So she did that, and has just been awarded a First.

Over breakfast this morning, she mused: 'Is there anything I need to do before graduation? I've got a gown hired...'

Me: 'Pay your Library fines?'

Ant, leaping t her feet, and knocking the milk all over the table: 'I'm so glad you said that!'

Apparently she still owes them for having Toy Story 2 out for four days instead of one, and of course you cannot graduate with unpaid fines.

It would have been a hilarious reason to fail to pick up her degree...

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