Friday 22 March 2013

The Liebster Award – Helping Blog Communities to Grow and Thrive

Thanks to Ambrose Little of Romish Potpouri for awarding me a Liebster Award.

What is the Liebster Award and how do you get one?

The Liebster Award was started some time ago by a German blogger (possibly here) who wanted to assist others in finding great but, under-subscribed to blogs.  The “award” nomination is granted from one blogger to another and is considered as “awarded” when the nominated blog completes a certain set of requirements.  The current requirements have evolved over time and are as follows:
  1. Post the Liebster award graphic on your site. (Google to find it if needed)
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated the blog for a Liebster Award and link back to their blog.
  3. The blogger then writes 11 facts about himself or herself so people who discover his or her blog through the Liebster post will learn more about him or her.
  4. In addition to posting 11 fun facts about themselves, nominated bloggers should also answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated them.
  5. The nominated blogger will in turn, nominate 9 other blogs with 200 or less followers (I'm guessing for my nominees) for a Liebster award by posting a comment on their blog and linking back to the Liebster post.
  6. The nominated blogger will create 11 questions for his or her nominated blogs to answer in their Liebster post.

That’s it!

Essentially, The Liebster Award is a way to connect smaller blogs to one another.  It promotes the discovery of new blogs and also helps to increase traffic through link exchanges.  While not an “award” in the traditional sense of the word, it is a great way to build up communities and to help other small bloggers to get discovered.

11 Mendacious Facts about Ben Trovato

  1. My name is not Ben Trovato
  2. My wife's name is not Anna
  3. My kids' names are not Antonia, Bernadette, Charlie, or Dominique
  4. My dog is not called Goldie.
  5. I am a traditionally-minded Catholic
  6. I have catholic tastes in music, from Chant to Elvis Costello
  7. I have catholic tastes in reading, from Chansons de Geste to Russell Hoban
  8. My Latin is very poor
  9. My French is passable
  10. I am incorrigibly lazy
  11. My hovercraft is full of eels.
My Answers to Ambrose's Questions
  1. Why do you blog? - I started to keep and share a record of our trying to bring the kids up in a counter-cultural way, with the hope of discussing such issues with other parents; but now I blog more to share a Catholic perspective on whatever crosses my mind - and because I enjoy it.
  2. Did you grow up to be what you thought you wanted to grow up to be? What was it? How do you feel about your answer? - No.  I wanted to be a writer (another reason for blogging).  Still wrestling with that occasionally.
  3. What is your favorite sci fi series? - I don't read much Sci-fi. Seem to remember Dune was pretty good, but the nearest I come to Sci-fi that I know at all well is Hitch-hiker's Guide.
  4. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Feel free to say why. - St John's Gospel, because it is awesome.
  5. Did I guess right that you are "undersubscribed"? - Yes, vastly. Given my genius and erudition, not to  mention my prose style and wit, I should be a blogging superstar.
  6. Do you think I should trim my beard? Why or why not? - Get rid of it: what would Jeeves say!
  7. Are you happy with your parish life? - No, not really. There is little parish activity, and few people in the parish who seem to see Catholicism in the way I do.
  8. What is the most quotable movie ever? Answer with a quote from that movie. - Play it, Sam.
  9. How long did you spend on this nomination thingie? - Not finished yet- maybe 10 mins so far, but haven't done the 'nominate others' bit yet,which will take a while.
  10. Which is better: pecan pie, chocolate pie, or pumpkin pie? Discuss. - Pecan pie, because it tastes nicer.
  11. What is the motto of the Order of Preachers? Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare 
My Nominees
I am not sure how to know how many followers a blog has, so I apologise if I have included you and you have many millions of followers already. If I have not included you, and you think that I should have done so - take that as a compliment: it means I assume vast hordes follow you already!
  1. De Omnibus Dubitandum Est 
  2. The Muniment Room 
  3. Mulier Fortis 
  4. Cum Lazaro 
  5. Bara Brith 
  6. Valle Adurni
  7. Forest Murmurs 
  8. The Sensible Bond 
  9. Porta Caeli 
  10. A Chaplain Abroad 
  11. Eccles and Bosco is Saved 

My Questions
  1. What inspired the title of your blog?
  2. Why should people read your blog?
  3. What is your personal favourite post on your blog?
  4. What has been the most popular (most viewed) post on your blog?
  5. Which post on your blog has attracted most comments?
  6. What other hobbies or interests (beyond blogging) are you prepared to admit to?
  7. What are your hopes for the new pontificate?
  8. Where is your favourite place of pilgrimage, and why?
  9. Who is your favourite spiritual author, and why?
  10. Which of these questions did you fid it most difficult to answer?
  11. Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ben, I feels truly honuored at bein nonimated for a lobster award.

Mulier Fortis said...

Thanks, Ben... Done and dusted.

Remember that no good deed goes unpunished, especially not one that takes so long to respond to...

Ben Trovato said...

Eccles, I hope you enjoy your lobster.

Mac, I await retribution with trepidation!