Thursday, 18 October 2012

Call this justice?...

Some years ago, when I was a teenager, I was jumped by some youths, pushed to the ground and kicked in the face and body. Luckily a police car was passing by, and the police intervened before I was very badly hurt.

Nonetheless I was hurt, and also distressed.  The lad they caught (the other got away) was let off with a caution, and I was awarded £5 damages in respect of my watch glass which had been broken.  I was told there is no compensation for the physical and emotional hurt that such an attack causes.

Today I read that a gay couple who were not allowed a room at a Christian-run B&B were awarded £1800 each for 'hurt feelings.'

I am sure there are many other people who have suffered physical assault far worse than mine who will be surprised at this: but clearly having your sexual orientation hurt is far worse than being physically beaten up.

That is not the only aspect of this case which prompts my headline.

Some years ago, when a similar case was prosecuted, I raised the question of equality, in light of the fact that gay hotels operate with no problems.

It is (or was - see update) apparently perfectly ok to advertise:

Guyz Hotel has been run as a gay hotel for the past 24 years,and is one of the most popular and longest established gay hotels in Blackpool, catering for gay couples, singles and groups who want a gay environment with quality accommodation.Previously voted 3rd best gay hotel in UK!!

Just in case that is not clear, this is indeed a hotel that excludes anyone except homosexuals:

Guyz is a GENUINE Gay Hotel.That means it is a hotel owned and run BY gay people FOR gay people, but beware there are some straight owned ‘Pink Pound’ friendly Hotels locally that display the pride flag trying to cash in on gay money, and it isn’t until you check in that you discover they may be mixed, or even have STAG & HEN parties staying.!!! If you are specifically looking for a Gay Hotel be sure to ask if it is exclusively gay when booking to avoid possible disappointment.

As I said back then: it seems clear to me that the legal, political and social developments in this country are nothing to do with equality, but rather pro-homosexual and anti-Christian.


I have just had a look at Guyz current www site (the quotations above were lifted from it some time ago) and I notice it has changed - so perhaps the equality legislation is catching up with them after all.  Certainly at the time the fuss was made about the Cornish Hotel, this text was proudly on their site).


Another Blackpool hotel (The Wilcot) advertises:

This Gay Blackpool Hotel has been established since 2004 and in that time has built up and excellent reputation for high Standards and friendliness, Welcoming Gay Men, Lesbians and their friends.

Is there not some discrimination there against people who don't have a gay-friendly attitude?...


Someone has just pointed out Chaps Hotel:

Welcome to Chaps Hotel Blackpool. Exclusively gay men only!

Chaps hotel is the largest and one of the best hotels for men only and perfect for Gay holidays and Gay weekends. Chaps Hotel, Blackpool's Premier Gay Hotel is truly one of the most popular hotels in Blackpool and has been 'the place to stay for gay holidays' for many years.

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