Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lying - removing the taboo

Lying is perfectly normal, and all the evidence shows that nearly everyone does it. So it is inappropriate to make children feel guilty about this completely normal human behaviour, merely because of some fantasy Victorian code.

Of course, some people may choose not to lie, for religious, ethical and other reasons, and that's perfectly OK too - nobody is suggesting that lying be made compulsory. But for those who choose not to lie to try to impose their morality on others is completely unacceptable in a democratic secular society.

For the majority, lying is an enjoyable activity, and the repressions of a few fanatics should not make the rest of us feel guilty about it.

I'm thinking of organising Lying Education for primary schools, Lie with Pride marches, and a complete ban on any negative stories in the media about lying (given how many journalists lie, surely that is the ultimate hypocrisy.) We will present the public with a range of really tough choices and hard cases to help to educate them about this (not all of which need be true of course, as we lie with pride...)

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