Friday, 20 August 2010

Bernie's results

AS Results yesterday. Bernie was hoping for four As plus a not-too-disgraceful result in General Studies...

She got three As, a B in General Studies, and then... Music. Her performance rated a strong A, her written paper a B (which we suspect may be a bit low and are considering having re-marked) but her composition was awarded a U - unclassified fail. Given that her school had seen is (it is a pre-prepared piece of work, not done under exam conditions) and they reckoned it was A standard, that seems odd. It brings her overall Music grade to a C, which rather took the gloss off her success in everything else.

We're pretty sure there's an error somewhere (I think they may have entered it in the four-part harmony category, when it was a variation on a theme), and we will have it re-marked.

But what has been very positive is Bernie's mature response to this, not least in the face of her many friends who are naturally delighted at their own 4 or 5 As.


Ttony said...

Prayers for Bernie, and for you all.

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks Ttony: prayers always welcome!

And will reciprocate for you and yours.