Saturday, 27 February 2010

Attention Dissident Nuns!

Reading St Therese's autobiography, I came across this:

'How enviable it is, the simple creed of the religious, who has only one compass to steer by, the will of her superiors! She knows for certain, all the time, that she is on the right path; there's no fear that she can go wrong, even when she feels fairly certain that her superiors are wrong. When people lose sight of this unfailing guide, refusing to follow it and claiming to follow the will of God, which has been misunderstood by his representatives, they find themselves, all at once, wandering about on desert paths where the supply of grace is bound to dry up before long.'

How counter cultural is that!

I won't name the sisters who spring to mind as I read this - but if the veil fits, how I wish you would wear it!

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