Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Dawkins' Hatred

I am not sure quite why Richard Dawkins hates the Catholic Church so much but his rant in the Washington Post has to be read to be believed.
Worth dropping by to offer a rebuttal or two...


Mike in CT said...

I agree, it has to be read to be believed. I saw your rebuttal, nicely done, but afterwards it just turned into the usual ridiculousness:

-Religion is bad because Hitler was a Christian!

-No, Hitler wasn't a Christian.

-But he used religion to fool a lot of Christians! That's why religion is bad!

-Are you nuts?

-No, but all religious people are stupid and atheists are smart!

-But look at all the good religion has done.

-But atheists have done good too!

-such as?

-The Red Cross and Doctors without borders are secular!

-But the Red Cross is a Christian symbol, isn't it?

-It was adopted from the Swiss flag!

-Who got it from where, again?

and on, and on, and on...

Patricius said...

Perhaps he has problems in the trouser department? I Can't understand why anyone pays him any attention these days.