Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Enjoying cycling...

We were out cycling the other day in the local hills - off road, but on a decent lane. As usual, we were in t-shirts shorts and sandals, and we passed numerous other cyclists, al lycra-clad, with helmets, often sunglasses and occasionally knee and elbow pads. Their bikes, of course, all had disk brakes, independent front and rear suspension and more gears than I've had hot dinners.

My first thought was that we were almost certainly having more fun than they were. I like the wind in my hair - I hate having a helmet on. But on second thoughts, I think they were having a different type of pleasure to us. Their pleasure, I imagine, at least in part, consists in having all the right gear - almost ostentatious consumption.

I still prefer our way of course.

A cry of horror went up on the Catholic Dads blog when I revealed we cycled without helmets. I will address this business of risk and fear in another post.


George Carmody said...

Carry on cycling without your helmet. This curious-looking piece of headwear has a negligible effect on preventing injuries. I challenge anyone to produce hard evidence otherwise!

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks - we will. Did you see the research suggesting that cyclists with helmets were more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents with cars? It seems cars give a wider berth to cyclists without helmets! And see my next post.