Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Still harping on about that mentoring

I had a look at the website of the organisation which was invited into Dom’s school to establish the mentoring scheme. They organise a lot of mentoring of young people by volunteer adults, who are trained and supervised. Supervision includes regular discussions with an experienced mentor to ensure that what they are doing is appropriate and that they are OK themselves. But the kids at school who are being trained in mentoring have no such support. That is clearly at odds with their own best practice, let aline the guidelines of such organisations as the British Psychological Association, or any of the Coaching standards organisations.


George Carmody said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere - I thought you'd gone for good.

My experience is with older teenagers (all in their twenties now). The undermining of parent-child communications by schools and, more sinisterly, by government agencies such as Connexions, is a running theme through state education nowadays. They act as though they want to steal your child. Culturally they do.

Respecting your child's confidentiality is the touchstone. The school will tell you nothing, and I mean nothing (truancy, drug problems, pregnancies) unless your child consents to it.

Ben Trovato said...

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, this confidentiality thing is a very insidious thin end of a wedge. The fact that a child can not be given an aspirin or a cuddle at school after a fall, but can be taken for an abortion and that never revealed to her parents, is quite incredible.