Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Breast is best (but don't tell!)

From ‘The Times’ the other day...

In a study of mothers commissioned by The Infant and Dietetic Foods Association (IDFA), Dr Lee found that the decision to bottle feed was a "pragmatic decision based on personal circumstances".
"Some do it because of the pain of feeding or so they can feed their child at more regular intervals, some so they can share responsibility for feeding the baby, others because they are thinking of going back to work.
"Many mothers feel an immense sense of guilt and failure when they move on to the bottle, and this latest debate about advertising is likely to make them feel even worse."

This seems to me to typify so much that is wrong with our society. Despite all the medical evidence that breast-feeding is the best option - not forgetting common sense and the emotional bonding aspect too - we must not tell people this simple truth as it may upset them when they put their own convenience above the well-being of their children...

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