Monday, 19 March 2007

Decisions, decisions

Bernie has to tell the school today which subjects she wishes to study at GCSE. This is quite a complex choice, with a lot of options and implications for the rest of her studies from here on - and she’s only 13. We’ve been trying to support her by helping her think through the different possibilities without letting our own prejudices get in the way.

One way we’ve done that is to let her know what we think, but make it clear that it is really up to her. In order for that to be helpful, we’ve let her see that Anna and I have slightly different views on some things, and no fixed views on others - and we’ve got her big sister involved in the discussion too.

It’s a hard balance to strike: offering some guidance so she isn’t left feeling it’s all on her shoulders, whilst also giving her the right and responsibility to make the final decision.

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