Sunday, 3 December 2006

A Walk in the Rain

It was pelting down with rain after lunch today, so what better thing to do that take the kids and the puppy, Goldie, for a walk.

All were well wrapped up, though Charlie (10) hadn't the sense to put boots on, so went in his trainers, which I didn't spot till too late.

The path down to the river was a stream in itself, and the wind was blowing a gale (literally - there were 'dangerous wind' warnings on the radio).

Halfway down, Charlie wanted to turn back, but the three girls were keen to press on, so we continued.

The field by the river was partially flooded - we had to abandon the path all together and edge along clinging to the barbed wire fence, which the wind was determined to blow us into. The puppy loved it - as did we all, including Charlie by this time. There were cries of 'this is totally wicked.' The kids all tried to lie on the wind, leaning back into it as it gusted and then falling into the wet mud when it diminished. It was both great fun and also mildly unpleasant - very cold with the rain really stinging our cheeks in the gale force wind.

Anna and I enjoyed it almost as much as the children did, and when we got back and peeled off the wet things, all agreed it had been one of the best walks for weeks. Goldie, of course, thinks every walk wonderful...

It seems a very simple thing, but I believe these shared experiences of laughter, adversity, and hot chocolate afterwards by the fire do a lot to provide us a sense of identity as a family.

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